★『Jewels Of The Ocean-Coral Reefs』☆

The limpid ocean once we had have become turbid. The jewels which originally shone dazzlingly in the ocean are no longer eye-catching. They are still existing, but, only giving out a feeble glimmering, like a candle which will put out with just a gentle blow of breath from the mouth. Our job is to try to make the jewels to shine the ocean everlastingly.
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Why shouldn't we destroy the coral reefs?

Why destroy coral reefs even, in the first place?
In the first place, coral reefs are not for you to destroy.
They are existing because of so many useful purposes.
The coral reefs help to beautify the ocean.
Makes the ocean a much much more beautiful scenery for us to enjoy.
Try to imagine the ocean without the glamorous coral reefs.
Coral reefs are like jewels which the ocean adorned with.
Like us human, we sometimes put on beautiful clothes or jewels to make us look nicer.
Same thing applies to the sea.

So, why destroy?
Us, human beings exist, not for destroying things,but to use our intelligence to make the world a better place for every single living things to live in all aspects.
We are the ones who are given the power, so we are stronger than other living things which share the world with us.
So, greater responsibility falls on our shoulders.
To protect the mother earth with all our strength.
But, did we do the thing that we suppose to do?
the nature takes her revenge.
Only us humans can talk, can use words to express our feelings.
But the other living things cannot.
But that does not mean that they do not feel anything.

Now, some strange things happened already, which are getting worse and worse.
Hope the WORST will not come.
What we can do is try to recover what we have done and pray hard.
There is a word called "try".
"Try" may not succeed,
but if you never "try",
you will never succeed.

From: Our own brains.