★『Jewels Of The Ocean-Coral Reefs』☆

The limpid ocean once we had have become turbid. The jewels which originally shone dazzlingly in the ocean are no longer eye-catching. They are still existing, but, only giving out a feeble glimmering, like a candle which will put out with just a gentle blow of breath from the mouth. Our job is to try to make the jewels to shine the ocean everlastingly.
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Names:Ko Chang Ming
Huang Tzu Hsuan
Bao Jia Yu
School:Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
Teacher in charge: Ms Suhana Abdul Hamid
Group name: Cervello

Ko Chang Ming-Lawyer
Bao Jia Yu-Model
Huang Tzu Hsuan-Editor of a magazine...probably

What we wish the public to do?
Be environment-friendly. Do not throw rubbish/litter in the sea/at the seaside. Use a fan instead of an air-conditioner, etc. These are the most basic and simpliest actions we could do (we all learn from the textbooks). There is no reason(repeat, no reason)for us not to do and laziness does not set its foot in. 
Showing some awareness towards our mother Earth-our only home. It is our responsibilities. Since all these catastrophes are made by us, we shall end these so that our coral reefs could prosper.
If you think"oh, we found a similar planet to Earth...blah blah blah...and corals are there", then you are totally WRONG.If you treat that planet like what we did to the Earth, you will ruin the planet, and it will end up like the one we used to have-Earth.
Corals are jewels of the sea. People admitted that(most people though), so you want your generation to know and see what are "corals" with their own eyes,  show some awareness.