★『Jewels Of The Ocean-Coral Reefs』☆

The limpid ocean once we had have become turbid. The jewels which originally shone dazzlingly in the ocean are no longer eye-catching. They are still existing, but, only giving out a feeble glimmering, like a candle which will put out with just a gentle blow of breath from the mouth. Our job is to try to make the jewels to shine the ocean everlastingly.
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Coral-related products we have done @ http://decojiro.net/

(Above) This one was really a funny one. The Japanese wordings meant that "THE BIGGEST ISSUE IN THIS CENTURY: SAVE THE REEFS".←The translation might not be the correct one as I am very poor in Japanese.

(Above)A lorry...I guess =____=|||

(Above) A interview...I think so...O_O

(Above) A cover page of a magazine featuring coral reefs which is published daily. Did you all notice that actually the wordings were moving?

(Above)A warning(?)The Japanese below means"DANGEROUS!"

(Above)As you can see, this is a chocolate bar...Definitely a very bitter yet very memorable taste if you take a small bite on it.

(Above)A fascia(?), or more a signboard.
Person A: I wonder what does this shop sell...
Person B: Umm...♥All the love for the coral reefs~♥
Person A:...

A much plainer picture than the previous one, but I love the simplicity that this picture shown~

A bit fanciful...but it's still nice.

☆Our opinion★
Apart from all the wordy entries that we had posted, this is definitely a more enjoyable one as there are some funny pictures.
Sometimes, the words may just drive people's interest away. So we decided to use these picture to "regain" their interest towards coral.

Coral isn't boring. It does not only involve in Biology or simpler to say, science. It can be fun, we have everything. Eg. Internet. Just have to use our brain (Though our brains are currently clouded)